Sunday, October 18, 2015

Saturday Lunch and Dessert at Toast Box

Before parting ways after our Cafe Seolhwa meet-up, Mica and I agreed to have our next food trip at Toast Box, a Singaporean restaurant. So last August 29, we met up there for lunch and dessert. 

I've been missing the taste of Hainanese Chicken. The last time I had it was 11 years ago when I visited Singapore with my family for the first time. So, even before our meeting day, I already decided that I was going to have Toast Box's Hainanese Chicken with rice meal. Saying that I was excited would be an understatement. When the waitress placed the meal on our table, I felt like I have met with an old friend whom I haven't seen in a long time.

The chicken was served along with a cup of rice, a bowl of soup, and three dipping sauces: soy sauce, chili sauce, and ginger shreds with some oil. These sauces are essential in eating Hainanese chicken because without them, the chicken would be tasteless. The combined flavors of the soy sauce and chili sauce is my favorite. The ginger shreds on the other hand is almost bland. 

Their Hainanese Chicken had the same taste and presentation with the one our family had in Singapore. Some of the broth where the chicken was steeped in was served underneath the meat. I mixed it with the rice to give the latter flavor. After finishing the meal, I was reminded of the two reasons why I love Hainanese chicken: it tastes fresh because of the broth and it's not fried which makes it a guilt-free and healthy dish.

For dessert, I got their blueberry and cream cheese toast because I'm a sucker for anything blueberry. I was very happy with the dessert's presentation and quality. The blueberries were almost spilling out of the warm toasts and the cream cheese slices were very thick.

For my drink, I was stoked to see Horlicks in their menu. Just like with Hainanese chicken, it's been years since I last had it so I ordered it right away! And OH MY GOD, it tasted SPECTACULAR. It was a mixture of vanilla, malt, and sugar and it was really lovely how these three flavors blended so well. Everything was balanced and no one flavor overpowered the other two. 

Since my first visit there, I've been having my me-times at Toast Box for several times now. It's just near my office so I go there after work to unwind and read a book. It's my new favorite place!