Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Introductory Post: Who's behind this blog?

Hello! Shans here. I'm a 22-year old ISFJ living in Asia.

Welcome to my lifestyle blog! This is my personal slice of the internet where I'll be posting the things I'm interested and passionate about. One of them is  Asian things in general. Yep. Asian. I'm passionate about almost anything Asian. I love Asian food, culture, history, and places. I'm into Asian cosmetics as well, which I always buy. I'm also a big Anime and K-pop fan, but for spazzing/fandom purposes I use my Tumblr blog (tensaikise). So expect to see many Asian-related things in this blog; from the latest Milk Tea I had to the current Korean cosmetic brand I'm using. Another thing that I'll be posting here is my own recipes! I love cooking and experimenting with different ingredients and I'd like to share my cooking adventures with everyone. I also love cute things like colored pens and washi tape. Lastly, I'm passionate about happiness and living life to the fullest. I always think of new ways to be happy and productive. So I'll also be posting my own experiences and lessons that I gain from my daily life. In short, this blog will be filled with reviews and insights about things that are relevant to me.

My main purpose in setting up this blog is to satisfy my desire to write. I love writing and I believe that it's one of the best ways to express yourself. I've been keeping diaries since I was a kid and had my fair share of blogs through the years. I also made this blog so I would have a platform where I can share with people all the helpful things I can share. I personally love reading articles that are both insightful and useful, and I hope to write the same kind of articles. Thank you for dropping by and I hope you become a frequent visitor! ♥  

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