Friday, October 24, 2014

Surefire Way to Get Past the Moping Mode

I'm a very emotional person and though I have embraced this part of myself, I'll still admit that it is really exhausting at times. I easily get affected by negative words and happenings. Because of this, I often find myself moping. Or even worse, crying. A few months ago, I had a fight with my mom and I ended up locking myself in my room. I cried my eyes out for quite a long time, and then it hit me: I was actually wasting my time right at that moment. I was crying about the same damn thing and I realized that, "Hey, there are more important things to do!" I stopped crying, got out of my bed, and read a book. It made me feel a lot better.

Instead of crying or getting mad at the world, remind yourself about your goals. Do this repeatedly until you feel like they're already tattooed on your mind. This totally works for me. Whenever I feel the sting in my nose, I either start listing my goals again to motivate myself, or exercise because I want to lose weight, or  continue with the self-help book that I’m reading so I could learn a lot of things, or just continue looking for jobs so that I can start working immediately and earn my own money. Or maybe I could just finish a series I've been watching. No matter how shallow you think your goal is, it's still way more important than sulking. Remember that.

Life is too short to feel down and keep yourself that way. Pick yourself up and seize the day! 

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  1. i've kinda been moping around a lot myself recently. your post has inspired me to get over myself and live life! thanks sweet <3 xo