Friday, October 17, 2014

Pretty Things

I'm sure all of us have our own share of cute things. They can be cute in size, color, or packaging. You name it! As for me, my well-loved possessions are my set of 12 Muji colored pens, EOS Smooth Sphere lip balm, and 4th generation iPod shuffle.

Every year I give myself a Christmas present. It's my tradition. It's my way of giving myself a pat on the back for surviving the past year. I suggest you to do it for yourself too if you still haven't! For Christmas 2013, I bought myself the complete set of Muji colored pens. I love the colors and the pens' design is very appealing too. I picked the 0.5 ones because I like it thick. You can buy each pen for PHP65. I purchased all 12 so I spent PHP780 all in all. It's a bit pricey but it's really worth it. I've been a fan of colored pens since I was a teen, so this purchase was totally not a mistake.

My pink Smooth Sphere EOS lip balm was a Christmas gift as well. It was from my cousin. Its packaging is really cute, though it's gonna be awkward to put it in your pocket because of the shape. It's Strawberry Sorbet-scented and it smells really really good! It has a sweet scent but not too strong, and to be honest, I'll never get tired of smelling it! But in terms of serving its purpose, I only give it 3 out of 5. It doesn't last very long and I still have chappy lips even though I use it often.

My 4th generation iPod shuffle is just a second-hand I got from my uncle. But it certainly doesn't feel like it! It still looks new and still functions very well. I love using it and luckily it comes in my favorite color!

Looking at those cute things makes me feel giddy inside and pushes me to collect other pretty things!

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