Tuesday, October 28, 2014

H&M Manila Opening

Last October 17, H&M opened its first store here in the Philippines, and today is my first time going there for window shopping. I was pretty excited because the arrival of H&M here has been very hyped long before the actual opening date. So is the hype worth it? Of course it is. 

Look at this giant H&M paper bag! It's placed on top of the mall where the store is and I find it really cool. Good marketing and publicity, H&M!

The store has 3 floors: Ladies + Accessories, Ladies, and Men + Kids. I entered the second floor and these cool urban outfits welcomed me.  

A shot of the first floor from the second floor. Beautiful.

Since I'm currently looking for work, the clothes I checked were of the corporate style: corporate dresses and blazers. And I was very impressed! 

I love the shape, colors, and prints of this one.

The prints are a bit loud and noisy but I like black & white on a dress because it gives off the classy feel.

I really like this one because of the sleeves and the overall shape.

Another black & white dress! I love the symmetry and the golden zippers.

This is more corporate-y than the previous ones and I think it's because of the attached golden necklace (which I love) and the sleeves. Definitely a must-have.

Another dress with a built-in necklace! 

So those were the six corporate dresses that caught my eye. 

As for the blazers:

What I like about this one is that the sides are covered with black lace, different from your usual blazer.

This one and the next are of the same style but different colors. I don't know if I should get both the next time I go there because I honestly had a hard time picking one. But I'll most likely go with the black.

Clothes aside, there's this one large purse that caught my attention. I'm a sucker for the light mint color!

The design at the back is a wool-like fur which I really love (but I hope it's not real wool because I'm against animal abuse) but the downside of this is that you really have to be careful keeping it from getting dirty!

My first visit in the store was really worthwhile. I loved everything I saw and I will definitely go back!

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