Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Best Eyeliner

All of us who love wearing eyeliner only want one thing: we want it smudge-free. Having a sharpener is also a plus. The Face Shop's Face It Styling Auto Gel Liner has these features, which makes it the best eyeliner out there. 

It's a retractable gel liner that doesn't smudge even after several hours of using, unless you have so much sweat. And even if it smudges, it's not obvious at all. It also comes with a sharpener:

With the help of the sharpener, you can let it stay thick or make it thinner, depending on what look you want to have. 

I think it's pretty easy to use, but there are a couple of DON'Ts in order to use it perfectly:

  1. Do not let the stick go out too much or it would break. 
  2. Don't leave it without the cap and avoid it exposed to air because as a gel liner, it can get dry quickly. When it does, you'll have a hard time drawing the lines.

It's priced at PHP495 and I honestly think that it's cheap, given its features: long-lasting, smudge-free, has a sharpener. This is one of the best beauty purchases I've ever had and I'll definitely buy this again. 

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