Monday, October 20, 2014

Passion vs Practicality

People in general want to earn money by doing what they love. So usually, they pick a course in college that really interests them and would pave a good career path for them. But what if you chose the wrong course? Well that's what happened to me. So now I'm in a grueling situation.

I'm a fresh graduate who took up Marketing as her course and now currently looking for work. But actually, I already knew it wasn't for me when I had one of my first major subjects. I talked to my family about it and asked if I could shift to another course (Humanities) but I don't think they took me seriously. They laughed it off and just told me to suck it up since I'm already there. Oh well. So I did. Studying Marketing was enjoyable in a way but I now know in my heart that writing is what I really want to do. It's my passion. I want to be a magazine contributor or a good blogger. That's the future I want for myself. I also want to excel in marketing but I really don't think it's for me.

What I call this predicament I'm currently going through is Passion vs Practicality. Let's be real here, people would most likely choose marketing over writing as the more sustainable career path because it's a common belief that there's no guaranteed future for every one who wants to make writing their full-time career. But this stereotype wouldn't hold me back. As of now, my plan is to keep looking for a marketing job because I don't want to waste the past four years I spent studying it. But at the same time, I will also start working on my writing seriously so once I have good enough abilities and portfolio, I can start applying as a magazine contributor. This plan somehow makes me feel at ease. Yes I have conflicting  circumstances, having writing as my passion yet having Marketing as my degree; but that doesn't mean that I have to overthink and just make myself trapped in this current point in my life. We just got to move forward.  

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