Monday, December 1, 2014

Bulgogi Brothers for Sunday Lunch Date with Mommy!

My mom and I are avid Korean cuisine enthusiasts and so we decided to have our Sunday Lunch Date at Bulgogi Brothers, a Korean restaurant. It was our first time there and we are sure to go back again and again!

The appetizers were quickly served and consisted of mostly vegetables: kimchi, anchovies, fermented radish, lettuce and carrots with some sweet & spicy sauce, corn, and sweet potatoes. Everything was really delicious but the ones I really loved were the kimchi and the sweet & spicy lettuce. They also have Tea of the Day. We were offered a whole thermos of Barley Tea which is good for digestion! 

After the appetizers, we were served the Bulgogi Bibimbap that I ordered. It was really good!! Every ingredient in it was served in huge amounts. There were various vegetables, lots of beef strips, and the spicy sauce was unforgettable. 

A short while after, our Beef Belly Barbecue arrived! We ordered it with lettuce instead of rice because we wanted to wrap the beef slices in greens. Our very nice server volunteered to cook the meat for us. But before that, she grilled the sweet potatoes and onions first. Korean barbecue restaurants usually serve their meat unseasoned. They give their customers the option to season their ordered meat and in Bulgogi Brothers, they gave us 3 types of flavoring for the beef: their original/signature spicy sauce, Ssamjang sauce which was my extreme favorite because it tasted sweet, spicy, and garlic-y, and salt. 

Our overall first dining experience in Buglogi Brothers gave us a really good impression of the restaurant. The service was excellent (server was attentive and nice, dishes were served very quickly) and the food was A+ in taste, variety, and quantity. The prices were reasonable and affordable too! I now have an addition to my list of favorite restaurants and we will definitely go back!

*Pardon for a lack of photos because my camera died halfway our stay in the restaurant :(

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