Friday, January 16, 2015

My Planner for This Year: The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's Giving Journal 2015

I'm a very huge fan of planners. Since 2008, I've been making sure that I have a planner to use every year. For this year, I decided to get The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL)'s Giving Journal 2015. CBTL gives out their planner for free at the beginning of the Christmas season. In order to avail it, you gotta complete their stamp card first by purchasing 12 drinks. However, some people completed more than 1 stamp card, so what they did is that they availed more planners and sold them online. That's where I got mine. I looked for an online seller offering CBTL's 2015 planner in an affordable price. I met up with the seller and got my planner last January 5.

CBTL Giving Journal 2015 were in 4 different colors: Orange, Green, Violet, and Dark Brown. I chose Violet. As for the size and weight, the planner is long and since it's hardbound, it's quite heavy. 

This is how the weekly page looks like. The days are in horizontal layout which I really love. As you can see, Monday-Friday have their own rows that maximize the whole width of the page. While Saturday and Sunday share the same row. The other page is a blank page for notes.

 At the end of the Notes page is an encouraging advice. It differs for every Notes page.

This is the monthly page.  At the left side is where you list your goals for that month.

What I really love about this planner besides its aesthetics is that it's inspiring. Below is the Bucket List page that pushes you to try new things that would help you become a better person and lead a healthier lifestyle. 

Another Bucket List page but here, you get to write your own goals based on their categories: Personal, Financial, Health, Self-Improvement, Career, Giving.

The opening page for the month of June. An inspiring quote is written to encourage you for that month!

It's my first time to have a CBTL planner and I'm liking it so far♥


  1. What a neat journal! Love the color you chose.

    1. Thanks Julie! It's a really nice planner.