Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Way Healthier Alternative for Mayonnaise

We always use Mayonnaise for different purposes: dressing, spread, dip, etc. But we also know that it's really fatty so we often think about what healthier alternatives we could use instead. According to this Buzzfeed article, Avocado can serve as a healthy substitute for Mayonnaise. I strongly agree but recently, I realized that there's another healthy alternative: Pesto. 

Pesto is an Italian sauce that you can make easily. You just need fresh basil, olive oil, garlic, salt, and pepper. Sometimes people add cheese and nuts too. You simply have to mix them all in a blender or food processor. But just a little trivia: Italians in the olden times used to mince the ingredients manually using mortar and pestle. This is where the word pesto was derived from, it came from pestare, which is Italian for 'to crush' or 'to pound'.

I always make Pesto and serve it with almost anything because it effortlessly turns any simple dish into something more special, both in taste and in presentation. I mix it with eggs to make a Pesto omelette. I serve it with Tuna to make a healthier sandwich/taco filling. I spread it onto Cream Dory to add flavor. And of course, it's the best when you have it with pasta. That was the first and original use of it anyway. See? There are indeed a lot of ways to include Pesto in your own recipes! If you want to make it even more healthy, you can lessen the oil and don't add any other fatty ingredients like cheese and cream. Based on my experiences with it, I can totally recommend it as a healthier alternative for Mayonnaise. Try it!

How about you? Do you have another healthy substitute for Mayonnaise? I want to know!

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