Thursday, November 6, 2014

This Interior Design Exhibit Was Conceptualized By Students: UNBELIEVABLE (Part 2)

In my previous post, I talked about my top 3 picks from this year's Philippine School of Interior Design (PSID) Exhibit. But of course I still gushed about the other countries featured in the exhibit! So I'll be talking about them in this post.


I love the huge circular door for the TV set!

And the colored ropes tied around the pillar which really gives off the tribal feeling.

I love the black and gold combination. Very Egyptian. I especially love the chairs and the shiny pillar. Very extravagant! It's not hard to imagine Cleopatra in here, actually.

The ceiling is inspired by the famous pyramids.


I love this spiral wood from the South African exhibit.

4. UAE
I love the colors and the shape of the bed! Reminds me of Jasmine.

I want this hanging/swinging mini sofa from the Indian exhibit in my own home.

The ceiling is really eye-catching too!

Of course our own country, the Philippines, had an exhibit too! And my most favorite part of it is this wavy metal around the ceiling and wall. I asked the student how they made it and he said they pounded it manually. AWESOME.

This is the exhibit that gave off the most vacation-y feeling. Look at that wallpaper! They also used fake grass for the floor.


I love these red and white lanterns!

This is the kitchen wall of the Russian exhibit. They used chalk pen to write on it.

These are recycled wine bottles with lights in them! So beautiful, it's the most memorable part of the Russian exhibit for me.

My favorite part of the the Swedish exhibit is the ceiling. It was influenced by the Aurora Borealis. The students in charge used LED lights and printed pictures of the Aurora lights. They overlapped those two materials and the product was like a moving picture with animated lights! It was really amazing! I think it would be really nice to fall asleep while looking at that.

I also like these triangular pieces of furniture.

This is the shower room from the Spanish exhibit. The design around it is inspired by the Flamenco, a Spanish folk dance. The students patterned their design on how the gowns of the dancing Spanish women flow while they dance Flamenco.

I love the whole package: the desk, the lamp, the big red chair, the television set and its doors, and especially the fireplace.

The ceiling is very well designed too.

This is the only exhibit that had this amount of curtains. Well, it's Greece after all. Whenever I watch movies about Greek gods, they're always clad in curtain-like costumes, so I guess this was expected.

One of the walls had this maze on it. It's based on the Labyrinth in the Greek mythology. The student told me that you could solve it when you're bored.

I think this exhibit is the most heartwarming to look at. The yellow lights and the curtain certainly made it feel that way.

The ceiling design is very beautiful. It's like you have a colorful 3D ceiling with lights! I also like that triangle thing, it makes me feel like I'm on vacation in a rest house.

A highschool batchmate was one of the students in charge of the Czech exhibit. What I love the most about this is the design of the walls. The variety of color and pattern really match well. The wooden floor gives a homey feeling as well.

16. USA
It's the American Eagle on wood. I love it.

Instead of the usual Modern America aesthetics and vibe, the students in charge of the US exhibit chose to go with the American-Indian feel. It's different and I like it!

17. CUBA
I love the quote written on the wall, both the meaning and how it looks: it's cursive and the letters are huge. It's a quote by Ernest Hemingway and when I asked the student why it was used for the Cuban exhibit, she told me that Hemingway spent some time in Cuba while writing a book. I'm in love with the color of the wallpaper too!

I think this is the most minimalistic exhibit. I love the colors and the shape of the sofa. Overall, it looks really clean and I like it.

That's it! But I don't have any pictures of the Turkey exhibit because there were a lot of people when I passed by and it didn't feel right to take photos because they kinda covered the exhibit :/

So, do you have any favorites?

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