Thursday, November 13, 2014

Curious and Concerned: Why Knowing the Difference Could Save You

I'm sure all of us have experienced someone asking us, 'Are you okay?'. However, we should be cautious whenever others ask us that, or any question along that line. Because not everyone who asks that is concerned, some are just curious.

There’s a thin line between those two. Concerned people really worry about you and your circumstances. They want to help you get out of your bad situation, they want you to do better, they want you to be well. While curious people on the other hand just ask you the question so that they would know more about you, but not exactly in a good way. They want to know how you are doing and what kind of situation you’re in so that they would have one more person to gossip about, so that they could talk about you behind your back. 

In life, it’s very important to know which ones are concerned and which ones are just curious. This is a very vital step in having a good life filled with good relationships. We have to be careful or else we would really have major trust issues and get hurt in return. And of course we don't want that.

One way to evade mistrusting is to get to know everyone around you.  Talk to them, know their reputation, observe them from a far. Once you think you're done, choose which ones to keep and which ones to avoid. Still having a hard time differentiating? Just trust your gut, your intuition. It won't fail you. There are things that cannot be guaranteed just by seeing and hearing, you also have to feel the things and people around you. 

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