Saturday, November 22, 2014

Nature Republic 92% ALOE VERA GEL Review

Nature Republic is one of the popular beauty brands in Korea. Just by hearing its name, one can already assume that their beauty products are made from natural ingredients. They use natural substances like fruit and tea extracts. 

I bought their 92% Aloe Vera Gel a few months ago, mainly because my favorite Korean boy group was endorsing it (yes, celebrity endorsements really work on me). But besides that, I also knew that Aloe Vera offers a wide range of benefits. 

When I entered the store, there was an infographic near the entrance that showed the different ways of using the Aloe Vera Gel. It was similar to this one:

It was a really effective in-store ad because after seeing it, I was even more convinced to buy the gel.

The gel is transparent, thick, and easy to apply. It smells good too!

Following the infographic, I use it to moisturize any dry part of my body (lips, skin, face). It gives a cool sensation as well so whenever I feel hot, I apply it on my neck. I also use it to grow my eyebrows. I apply it on my brows twice a day: after taking a bath and after washing my face before bedtime. It was effective in the beginning but now, the effects have slowed down. 

Besides using it for skin care, I also use it as part of my make-up routine. I was watching a Korean beauty program and the make-up expert said that mixing your moisturizer with your foundation/BB cream is better than putting your moisturizer first. So instead of using it as a make-up base as suggested in the infographic, I mix the gel with my BB cream and put them as one on my face. With this, the Aloe Vera Gel moisturizes my skin and at the same time makes my face look dewy/luminous. 

Nature Republic's 92% ALOE VERA GEL (recognized by California Certified Organic Farmers) works well both as a skin care and as a make-up product. For skin care, it moisturizes my dry body parts instantly. As for make-up, it works very well with my BB cream. It is priced at PHP 250 which is very reasonable and cheap. Overall it is an effective product and it's honestly one of the best beauty purchases I've ever made! 

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